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Boston escort Kaylee

Name: Kaylee
Age: 26
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 118
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English



Hello guys! Are you looking for an athletic figure masseuse here in Boston? My name is Kaylee, and I believe I’m the right candidate to solve all your aching problems with a massage service like no other. I have the experience and the talent to serve you with a massage that will always linger in your memories. What kind of massage do you want to experience? Do you want a tantra or sensual massage? I’m here to help you relax and enjoy time in Boston in the best way possible. I’m 26 years old and with experience of what men come to look for in a massage parlor but I no longer work in a massage parlor. I offer my services in the comfort of your room where you only need to relax and enjoy. However, before you start imagining of us together, get the phone out and give me a call. I’m readily available and waiting to serve your erotic needs right away.

There is nothing challenging for me concerning any massage as I’m quite a flexible person. I have maintained my weight at a good average of 118 lbs. I also have a lovely B-cup bust and smooth blonde hair that is well kempt. I love swimming but for now, let me give you a massage that will give you the energy to swim and do other things in the city. I might even accompany you to the swimming pool! You never know with me! Just give me a call and let’s give it a try.