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Boston escort Marbel

Name: Marbel
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 8inch
Weight: 124
Bust: C-Cup
Hair: Black
Languages: English



How about helping me wear my bras or loosen them? Here is something that is so sexy and chic about helping a woman dress and undress. I will let you sample that, anyway. My name is Marbel, do not worry, it is ok if you call me marble, really for I am just as cool and good. My long hair sometimes gets into my cleavage and I wouldn't mind a little help. And how about my high heels? Would you mind helping me remove them? My legs are long and I like gentle hands moving over them as they get to remove my high heels. Being gentle makes me weak and lazy and by doing that you risk. My sexy curvaceous body is here for you as long as you would be strong enough to lift up your phone and call me with this simple request that I be your queen, before jet in for vacation weekend or business. Besides my sexy nature, I am intelligent and mature. I kiss and I never tell. I am not only good in bed as I make perfect company out of the bedroom. Call me and have quality added to your time.